We Made The Washington Post!

In a most excellent article, journalist Brigid Schulte tackles the New York Apartment scammers.  The article was spawned by Brigid's own experiences and the comments she found on this very blog, focusing on what happened to us, and several others, when we tried to book an apartment in New York.  Luckily Brigid took notice of what she read, which verified her own feelings and managed to not get ripped off - good for her!

Go and have a read, and, more importantly, pass the word on to everyone and anyone who is thinking of travelling anywhere and booking.  First rule of thumb - NEVER pay anyone via a money transfer system such as Western Union or Moneygram.  They assist the scammers, and once your money is gone, those companies couldn't care less.  They've got their cut.  Make sure you pay in such a way that you've got recourse - if it's a money transfer then it's a scam, as far as I'm concerned.


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